Saturday, January 2, 2010

Being Zen in 2010.

In the beginning of two thousand and ten, during the second hour of January the 2nd, a youngish girl sits down to write her first blog of the new year...

And hits writer's block. Ouch.

Hopefully, that's not an indicator of how the rest of the year will play out. I need my brain to be fully functioning this year, damn it. It's going to be a year of change and growth and art and love and peace and faith and hope!


Which reminds me, I'm going to try to be more optimistic this year. And productive. Also, having a mindful, zen-like attitude wouldn't hurt either...

Anyway, since my mind is otherwise blank, I'll go ahead and end this little excuse for a blog...

Here's to an optimistic, productive, mindful and zen 2010!

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